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3-Pack General Pump Replacement 20mm Ceramic Piston - 47040409 Y

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3-Pack General Pump Replacement 20mm Ceramic Piston - 47040409 Y

Elevate the functionality of your pressure washer with our 3-Pack of 20mm Ceramic Pistons, specifically designed to fit General Pump and Interpump models. These high-quality ceramic pistons, crafted in Italy, are engineered for longevity and optimal performance.

  • Set includes three 20mm ceramic pistons to fully service your pump.
  • High-quality Italian craftsmanship ensures durability and a high polish finish that extends seal life.
  • Designed for easy replacement and reliable performance under continuous use.

Compatible with General Pump Models:

  • CW2004, CW2040, CW24, CW3040, T1011, T1311, T1511, T2011, T2031, T9121, T9131, T9161, T9211
  • TS1011, TS1021, TS1041, TS1311, TS1331, TS1351, TS1511, TS1521, TS1531, TS1711, TS2011, TS2021, TS821

Compatible with Interpump Pump Models:

  • W101, W131, W151, W201, W203, W912, W913, W916, W921
  • WS102, WS104, WS131, WS133, WS135, WS151, WS152, WS153, WS171, WS201, WS202

This comprehensive replacement set ensures your equipment operates at peak efficiency, maintaining high performance standards across a variety of applications.

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