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Mv2012 Spray Gun 5075 Psi

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Mv2012 Spray Gun 5075 Psi

The Mv2012 Spray Gun, with a robust 5075 PSI rating, is crafted for superior cleaning without the strain. Featuring an easy pull trigger, this spray gun minimizes fatigue and discomfort, enhancing user experience during intense cleaning tasks.

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 10.6 GPM, ensures effective and fast cleaning.
  • High pressure capability up to 5075 PSI, ideal for removing stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Inlet size of 3/8” F and outlet size of 1/4” F for convenient hose attachment.
  • Can handle water temperatures up to 320° F, suitable for a variety of cleaning situations.

Opt for the Mv2012 Spray Gun for a powerful and user-friendly cleaning tool, perfect for both professional and domestic use.

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