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Replaces 18mm Ceramic Plunger 9.803-935.0, Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

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Replaces 18mm Ceramic Plunger 9.803-935.0, Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

Upgrade your equipment with this essential 18mm Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit, specifically designed to replace part number 9.803-935.0. This kit includes one ceramic piston sleeve, ideal for repairing pumps where the ceramic has been cracked or broken.

Cracked ceramic can lead to severe pump damage, and identifying this issue early is crucial. A key indicator of a compromised ceramic plunger sleeve is pump oil that has turned milky or caramel in color, suggesting water infiltration.

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • 70-261405
  • 753041
  • 753107
  • 98039350
  • X98039350

For use with Pump Models:

  • Hotsy Pump Models: HC340R, HD3025, HD4020, HE2020S, HE2825S
  • Karcher Pump Models: KD3025.1, KD4020.1, KE2020S.1, KE2825S.1
  • Landa Pump Models: LD3025, LD4020, LE2020S, LE2825S
  • Legacy Pump Models: GD3025, GD4020.1, GE2020S.1, GE2825S.1

This Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit is an indispensable component for maintaining the functionality and longevity of your pressure washer pumps, ensuring they continue to operate efficiently without the risk of further damage.

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