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General Pump 50040409 Replacement CERAMIC PISTON 20mm fits GP T series Interpump

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3-Pack 50040409 General Pump/GP Replacement Ceramic Piston 20mm fits 20x14x40 Interpump

Enhance the efficiency of your pressure washer with our 3-pack of high-quality ceramic pistons, model 50040409. Designed specifically for 20x14x40 Interpump systems, these pistons promise compatibility and performance.

Each pack includes three durable plungers, ensuring that you have the necessary components to maintain or enhance your pump's performance.

Fits General Pump Models:

  • T521, T531, T701, T711, T721, T731, T911, T9321, T9721, T9731, T9791, T981, T991, T9951, T9961, T9971, TS1371, TS1491

Fits Interpump Pump Models:

  • W52, W53, W70, W71, W72, W73, W91, W972, W973, W979, W98, W99, W995, W996, W997, WS137, WS149

Replace worn components with these reliable ceramic pistons to ensure your equipment operates at its best, maintaining high performance and longevity.

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