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8.753-515.0, Valve kit fits Landa/Karcher/Legacy pumps

by Leuco
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8.753-515.0, Valve kit fits Landa/Karcher/Legacy pumps

Restore and maintain optimal pump performance with the 8.753-515.0 Pressure Washer Pump Valve Kit, specifically designed for use with Landa, Karcher, and Legacy pumps. This kit includes three valve cartridges necessary to service one pump.

  • Each kit contains three valve cartridges to replace both inlet and discharge valves, which are crucial for maintaining pressure integrity.
  • Replacing these valves can address issues such as low pressure and rough running conditions caused by cavitation or debris buildup.

Part Number: 8.753-515.0-LAN

Cross Reference Part Number: 87535150

For use with the following pump models:

  • Landa: LX5450
  • Karcher: KX5450
  • Legacy: GX5450L, GX5450R

Installing this valve kit can significantly improve the performance and reliability of your pressure washer, ensuring efficient operation and longevity.

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