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8.754-862.0, Ceramic Plunger Kit, 14mm, Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

by Leuco
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8.754-862.0, Ceramic Plunger Kit, 14mm, Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

Need 3 Per Pump!

This 14 mm Hotsy Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit includes ONE (1) each of the following: 14mm ceramic piston sleeve, plunger bolt, o-ring and copper spacer. Please purchase three (3) kits to replace all ceramic pistons in the pump.

Legacy Pump Models

GF2030F, GF2830F, GF3530F, GFP3530F, GP2535G, GP3035G, GP3035G1, GP3535G1, GP4035G1, GPP2535G, GPP3035G, GPP3035G1

Landa Pump Models

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Karcher Pump Models

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Hotsy Pump Models

HF2030F, HF2830F, HF3530F, HP2535G, HP3035G, HP3035G1, HP3535G1, HP4035G1, HPP2535G, HPP3035G, HPP3035G1

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