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9.802-606.0, 8.717-585.0, 8.752-835.0 Oil seal Kit Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

by Leuco
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9.802-606.0, 8.717-585.0, 8.752-835.0 Oil Seal Kit Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

Extend the life of your high-pressure pumps with our comprehensive Oil Seal Kit, compatible with a wide range of Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, and Legacy pump models. This kit is crucial for maintaining leak-free, efficient operation and is specifically designed to fit multiple pump models across several brands.

  • Designed to provide optimal sealing and prevent oil leaks in pump systems.
  • Includes all necessary components to replace worn or damaged oil seals.
  • Suitable for a broad selection of pump models, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Hotsy Pump Models:

  • HH5050, HT4540.2, HT6036.2, HX1025L, HX1025R, HX1036.2, HX5050L, HX5050R

Landa Pump Models:

  • LH5050, LT4035, LT4040, LT4540.2, LT5030, LT5030H, LT6035, LT6036.2, LX1025, LX5050, LX5450, LX8030, LX9536.2

Karcher Pump Models:

  • KT4035.1, KT4040.1, KT4540.2, KT5030.1, KT6035.1, KT6036.2, KX1036.2, KX5450, KX9636.2

Legacy Pump Models:

  • GG4030G1.1, GT4540.2L, GT4540.2R, GT5635.1, GT5636.2L, GT5636.2R, GT6036.2L, GT6036.2R, GX1025.1, GX1036.2L, GX1036.2R, GX1622.2L, GX1622.2R, GX5450L, GX5450R, GX8030.1, GX9536.2L, GX9536.2R

Ensure your pumps operate at peak performance by replacing oil seals with our specially designed kit, tailored to meet the needs of multiple high-demand applications.

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