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9.802-614.0, Ceramic Plunger Kit, 25mm, Landa/Hotsy/Legacy

by Leuco
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9.802-614.0, Ceramic Plunger Kit, 25mm, Landa/Hotsy/Legacy

Optimize your pressure washer's performance with the 9.802-614.0 Ceramic Plunger Kit. Suitable for Landa, Hotsy, and Legacy pumps, this 25mm kit is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

Each kit includes a 25mm ceramic piston sleeve, plunger bolt, o-ring, and copper spacer. It's essential to purchase three (3) kits to fully equip a pump with new ceramic pistons.

  • Kit components are designed for a perfect fit and maximum durability.
  • Immediate replacement of damaged plungers can prevent extensive and costly pump damage.
  • Look for milky or caramel-colored pump oil as a sign of water intrusion and potential plunger failure.

Cross Reference Part Number(s):

  • 70-260203
  • 70-260209
  • 877652
  • 98026140
  • X98026140

Hotsy Pump Models:

  • H600
  • H700
  • HC800
  • HC950R
  • HHC950AR
  • HX1025L
  • HX1025R

Landa Pump Models:

  • LX1025
  • LX8030

Legacy Pump Models:

  • GX1025.1
  • GX8030.1

Prevent pump failures and enhance the operational capacity of your pressure washing systems with our 25mm Ceramic Plunger Kit, a vital component for regular maintenance.

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