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8.753-824.0, Valve kit fits Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy pumps

by Karcher
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8.753-824.0, Valve kit fits Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy pumps

Ensure your pressure washer operates at peak efficiency with the Complete Pump Valve Kit, part number 8.753-824.0. This comprehensive kit includes six valves along with six valve o-rings and six pump manifold bolt o-rings, providing all necessary components to service one pump.

This kit is essential for addressing issues like low pressure and rough pump operation, which can be caused by cavitation or dirty/stuck valves. By replacing the inlet and discharge valves, you can restore optimal function to your high-pressure pump.

  • Part Number: 8.753-824.0
  • Cross Reference Part Number(s): 87538240
  • Includes six valves, six valve o-rings, and six pump manifold bolt o-rings.

Compatible with the following pump models:

  • Hotsy pump models: HT4540.2, HT6036.2
  • Karcher pump models: KT4540.2, KT6036.2
  • Landa pump models: LT4540.2, LT6036.2
  • Legacy pump models: GT4540.2L, GT4540.2R, GT5636.2L, GT5636.2R, GT6036.2L, GT6036.2R

Upgrade and maintain your high-pressure pumps with this valve kit to ensure reliable performance and extend the life of your equipment.

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