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Dirt Killer 1/4"F ST-357 050 350 bar 90 C

by R+M
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Dirt Killer 1/4"F ST-357 050 350 bar 90 C

Enhance your pressure washing with the Dirt Killer ST-357 nozzle, designed for high efficiency and durability. This powerful accessory is suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, offering precise control and high-pressure output.

  • Type: ST-357, with a nozzle orifice size of 05 (Black).
  • Spray angle of 20° for targeted cleaning.
  • Pressure range from 1450 to 3625 psi, suitable for various cleaning intensities.
  • Features a 1/4" F inlet and a robust brass housing for extended durability.
  • The nozzle comes with a black protective cap to safeguard against external elements.
  • Operates effectively at temperatures up to 212 °F, making it ideal for hot water applications.

The Dirt Killer ST-357 nozzle is your go-to choice for tough cleaning jobs, combining high pressure with precision to tackle even the most stubborn dirt.

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