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FITS AR 1860 replacement OIL SEALS, Made3 in Italy, C Version ARXTV Pumps AR1860

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FITS AR 1860 Replacement OIL SEALS, Made in Italy, C Version ARXTV Pumps AR1860

Secure the performance of your Annovi Reverberi XTV (C Version) pumps with the AR1860 Replacement Oil Seal Kit. Expertly crafted in Italy, this kit ensures your equipment maintains peak efficiency with top-quality seals.

  • Brand new, high-quality oil seals specifically designed for durability and long-term performance.
  • Made in Italy, offering superior craftsmanship compared to other market options.

This oil seal kit is tailor-made for fitting Annovi Reverberi XTV (C Version) pumps, providing a perfect seal to prevent leaks and ensure smooth operation.

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