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General Pump and Interpump Repair Kit 1 (Valves + O-rings)

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General Pump and Interpump Repair Kit 1 (Valves + O-rings)

Ensure optimal performance of your General Pump and Interpump models with our Repair Kit 1, featuring valves and O-rings. This Idrobase original packing kit is designated with the code ZX.1600 and includes twelve components (2 sets of 6), fitting Generalpump 47-48 series.

Suitable for a broad range of models, this kit provides the essential parts needed for comprehensive maintenance and repair.

  • T521, T531, T701, T711, T721, T731, T911, T981, T991, T9321, T9731, T9791, T9951, T9961, T9971
  • TS1371, TS1491, TT1411, TT1611, TT9351, TT9441, T1011, T1311, T1511, T2011, T2031
  • T9121, T9131, T9161, T9211, TS821, TS1011, TS1021, TS1311, TS1331, TS1351, TS1511
  • TS1521, TS1711, TS2011, TS2021

Maintain the reliability and efficiency of your pumps with this comprehensive repair kit, tailored for a wide range of pump models.

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