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General Pump Kit 83 OIL SEALS, fits K83 KIT83 GP Interpump (3 seals)

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General Pump Kit 83 Replacement Piston Oil Seal Kit (3 seals)

High-quality, made in Italy, these brand-new oil seals measure 15x24x5mm. The kit includes 3 seals, designed to service the entire pressure washer pump.

Fits General Pump Models:

  • T1209, T1212, T2021, T9051, TP2021, TP2024, TP2032, TP2526, TP2530, TP2533, TT1505, TT1508, TT1510, TT1511, TT1512, TT1513, TT1540, TT2025, TT2028, TT2035, TT501, TT551, TT561, TT741, TT751, TT901, TT9051, TT9061, TT9071, TT9111, TT931, TT941, TT951

Fits Interpump Pump Models:

  • W1208, W1507, WW1508, WW1509, WW1510, WW1511, WW1513, WW55, WW56, WW74, WW75, WW90, WW906, WW907, WW909, WW93, WW94, WW95

Ensure your pressure washer pump's longevity and efficiency with the General Pump Kit 83 Replacement Piston Oil Seal Kit.

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