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General Pump Replacement Piston Bolt Assembly - Kit 6

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General Pump Replacement Piston Bolt Assembly - Kit 6

The General Pump Kit 6 Replacement Piston Bolts is an essential maintenance item for your pressure washer, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly with secure connections. This kit includes three sets of high-quality piston bolts, rings, and washers.

  • Includes 3 complete sets of piston bolts, rings, and washers for comprehensive replacement.
  • Designed for easy installation and a perfect fit with a wide range of General Pump and Interpump models.

Fits General Pump Models:

  • CW2004, CW2040, CW24, CW3040, T1011, T1321, T1511, T1621, T1631
  • T2011, T2031, T521, T701, T711, T721, T731, T9071, T911, T9121
  • T9131, T9161, T921, T9211, T9321, T9711, T9721, T9731, T981
  • T991, T9951, T9971, TS1011, TS1021, TS1511, TS1621, TS2012SS
  • TS2016SS, TS2021, TS2221SS, TS821, TS921

Fits Interpump Pump Models:

  • W101, W131, W132, W151, W162, W163, W201, W203, W425, W53
  • W70, W71, W72, W73, W91, W912, W913, W916, W92, W921
  • W972, W973, W979, W98, W99, W995, W996, W997
  • WS101, WS102, WS131, WS132, WS133, WS135, WS137, WS149
  • WS151, WS152, WS162, WS201, WS82, WS92

Keep your pumps performing at their best with the General Pump Replacement Piston Bolt Assembly Kit 6, providing all you need for securing and maintaining piston attachments.

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