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9.802-609.0 / Karcher /Landa/ Hotsy/Legacy Pump Oil Seal Kit, 8.717-618.0

by Leuco
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Karcher 9.802-609.0 Kit Plunger Oil Seals

Address oil leakage issues from your pressure washer pump with the Karcher 9.802-609.0 Oil Seal Kit. Designed to halt oil leaks between the pump head and pump body effectively.

Cross Reference Part Numbers:

  • 70-260027
  • 70-260803
  • 877655
  • 87176180
  • 8.717-618.0
  • 98026090

Karcher Pump Models:

  • KM3540.2, KM3540.3, KM4030.2, KM4030.3, KM4035.2, KM4035.3
  • KM5030.2, KM5030.3, KM6035.2, KM6035.3
  • KS3040G.3, KS3540G.3, KS4040G.3, KS5030G.3

Landa Pump Models:

  • LM3540, LM3540R.3, LM3840R.3, LM4030, LM4035, LM4035H, LM5030, LM6035
  • LS3040G.3, LS3540G.3, LS4040G.3, LS5030G.3

Hotsy Pump Models:

  • H300, H300A, H300R, H400, H400A, H400R, HC340R, HC450, HC450A, HC450R
  • HC460AL, HC460AR, HC460L, HC460R, HC500, HC500A, HC500R, HH306R.2
  • HH406R.2, HH456R.2, HH466R.2, HH506R.2, HHC300AR, HHC500AR, HHS335CR
  • HM3540, HM3540.3, HM4035, HM4035.3, HS3040G, HS3040G.3, HS330R
  • HS335R, HS340R, HS3540G, HS3540G.3, HS4040G, HS4040G.3, HS5030G, HS5030G.3

Legacy Pump Models:

  • GH5050, GM3540.2, GM3540.3, GM4030.2, GM4030.3, GM4035.2, GM4035.3
  • GM5030.2, GM6035.2, GM6035.3, GS3040G.2, GS3040G.3, GS3540G.2, GS3540G.3
  • GS4040G.2, GS4040G.3, GS5030G.2, GS5030G.3

Choose the Karcher 9.802-609.0 Kit for a reliable solution to maintain your pump's performance and extend its life.

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