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Karcher Legacy/Hotsy Kit, Plunger 15mm 8.933-023.0

by Leuco
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Karcher Legacy/Hotsy Kit, Plunger 15mm 8.933-023.0

Optimize your pressure washer's performance with the Karcher Legacy/Hotsy 15mm Plunger Kit. Designed for durability and reliability, this kit is essential for maintaining high-efficiency pumping operations.

  • 15 mm plunger size fits precisely, ideal for replacing worn-out components.
  • Each pump requires three units, ensuring full compatibility and optimal function.

Compatible with a wide range of pump models:

  • Legacy GS4040 G.2, GS4040 G, GS3540, GS3040G, GM3540 R.2
  • Landa LS4040 G.2, LS4040 G, LS3540, LS3040 G, LM3540 R.2
  • Hotsy HS4040 G.2, HS4040 G, HS3540, HS3040 G, HM3540 R.2
  • Karcher KS4040 G.2, KS4040 G, KS3540, KS3040 G, KN3540 R.2
  • Legacy LS5030 G.2
  • Landa LS5030 G.2
  • Hotsy HS5030 G.2
  • Karcher KS5030 G.2

This plunger kit not only extends the life of your equipment but also ensures consistent cleaning power and pressure, maintaining the efficiency of your pressure washer systems.

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