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9.803-936.0 Valve Kit fits Karcher/Legacy / Hotsy / Landa Pumps

by Leuco
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9.803-936.0 Valve Kit fits Karcher/Legacy / Hotsy / Landa Pump

Maintain peak performance of your pressure washer with the Karcher Legacy/Hotsy/Landa Pump Valve Kit. This essential maintenance kit includes the Karcher 9.803-936.0 Valve Complete, ensuring optimal functionality of your equipment.

Designed for a seamless fit, each kit is tailored for one pump, compatible with a broad array of models:

  • Legacy GG4030G1.1, GG3030G.1, GG3035G1.1, GG2530G.1, GG3535G1.1, GD3025R.1, GD303R, GD4020R.1, GE3525F.1, GE2825S.1, GE2825F, GE2020S
  • Hotsy HG4030G1.1, HG3030G.1, HG3035G1.1, HG2530G.1, HG3535G1.1, HD3025R.1, HD3030R, HD4020R.1, HE3525F.1, HE2825S.1, HE2825F, HE2020S
  • Landa LG4030G1.1, LG3030G.1, LG3035G1.1, LG2530G.1, LG3535G1.1, LD 3025R.1, LD3030R.1, LD4020R.1, LE3525F.1, LE2825S.1, LE2825F, LE2020S
  • Karcher KG4030G1.1, KG3030G.1, KG3035G1.1, KG2530G.1, KG3535G1.1, KD3025R.1, KD3030R, KD4020R.1, KE3525F.1, KE2825S.1, KE2825F, KE2020S

This valve kit is an indispensable component for ensuring the long-term reliability and efficiency of your pressure washing equipment.

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