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Karcher 8.725-358.0 15 mm U-Seal Kit Fits Karcher, Hotsy, Landa, Legacy Pumps

by Leuco
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Legacy / Hotsy Kit, U-Seal 15mm 8.725-358.0

Ensure the reliability and performance of your high-pressure pumps with the Legacy / Hotsy 15mm U-Seal Kit. Engineered for precise fit and durability, this kit is essential for regular maintenance and repair.

  • Part Number: 8.725-358.0
  • Includes 3 high-performance U-Seals for high-pressure endurance, 3 U-Seals for reliable low-pressure sealing, 6 Teflon support rings, 6 backing rings, and 3 O-rings.

Compatible with multiple pump models from renowned brands:

  • Landa: LM3540R.2, LM3540L.2, LM3540R.3, LM3540L.3, LM3840R.3, LS3040G.3, LS3540G.3, LS4040G.3, LS5030G.3
  • Karcher: KM3540.2, KM3540.3, KS3040G.3, KS3540G.3, KS4040G.3, KS5030G.3
  • Legacy: GM3540.2, GM3540.3, GS3040 G.2, GS3040 G.3, GS3540 G.2, GS3540 G.3, GS4040 G.2, GS4040 G.3, GS5030 G.2, GS5030 G.3
  • Hotsy: HHS335 CR, HM3540, HM3540.3, HS3040 G, HS3040 G.3, HS330 R, HS335 R, HS3540 G, HS3540 G.3, HS4040 G, HS4040 G.3, HS5030 G, HS5030 G.3

Note: This kit does not include a Brass Pressure Ring or Brass Intermediate Ring. If these components are worn or damaged, consider a Complete Seal Kit for a full overhaul.

This U-Seal Kit provides all the necessary components for effective pump maintenance, ensuring long-term performance and durability.

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