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Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Pump VALVE KIT fits 70-0179 700179 MiTM

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Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Pump VALVE KIT fits 70-0179 700179 MiTM

Upgrade your Mi-T-M pressure washer with the 70-0179 Replacement Valve Kit, meticulously crafted in Italy. This high-quality kit ensures your pump operates efficiently and reliably, supporting all necessary maintenance for peak performance.

  • Part Number: 70-0179
  • Brand new, made in Italy for unmatched quality.

Compatible with the following Mi-T-M Models:

  • Work Pro Cold Water: WP-3300-0MVB, WP-3304-0MHB, WP-3500-0MVB, WP-3504-0MHB
  • Industrial Hot Water: HSP-3004-3MGH, HSP-3004-3MGV, HSP-3504-3MGH, HSP-3504-3MGR
  • Industrial Cold Water: CA-2504-0MHB, CA-2504-0MRB, CA-3004-0MHB, CA-3304-0MHB, CA-3504-0MHB, CA-4004-0MHB, CW-2504-1MKB, CW-3004-1MKB, JCW-4004-0MVB
  • Job Pro Series Cold Water Pressure Washer: JP-2504-0MHB, JP-2504-0MVB, JP-3004-0MHB, JP-3004-0MVB, JP-3304-0MHB, JP-3304-0MVB, JP-3504-0MHB, JP-3504-0MVB, JP-4003-1MHB, JP-4003-1MVB, JP-4004-0MVB, JP-4004-1MHB, JP-4004-1MRB, JP-4004-1MVB

This comprehensive valve kit is essential for maintaining the operational integrity and extending the lifespan of your Mi-T-M pressure washers, ensuring they continue to deliver high-performance output under demanding conditions.

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