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MV2012 Pressure Washer Trigger Gun, 5000psi with Pull

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MV2012 Pressure Washer Trigger Gun, 5000psi with Pull

Enhance your cleaning routine with the MV2012 Pressure Washer Trigger Gun, engineered for ease of use with a 5000 PSI capability. It features a specially designed pull trigger that reduces fatigue and discomfort, making it ideal for prolonged cleaning sessions.

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 10.6 GPM, for high-efficiency cleaning.
  • Peak operating pressure of 5000 PSI, suitable for tackling tough grime and dirt.
  • Equipped with a 3/8” F inlet and 1/4” F outlet for standard hose compatibility.
  • Capable of handling water temperatures up to 320° F, allowing for versatile cleaning applications.

The MV2012 Pressure Washer Trigger Gun is your go-to tool for powerful and comfortable cleaning performance.

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