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Nozzle, Turbo 3000 St-357 #3.0

by Suttner
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Nozzle, Turbo 3000 St-357 #3.0

The St-357 Turbo Nozzle, with an orifice size of 3.0 and a maximum pressure of 3600 PSI, is engineered for high-powered cleaning efficiency. This model, 8.710-986.0, combines power, precision, and reliability in one robust tool.

  • Orifice Size: 3.0 for precise water flow control.
  • Maximum PSI: 3000, suitable for a variety of tough cleaning tasks.
  • Connection: 1/4" FPT Forged Brass ensures a durable and secure connection.
  • Equipped with a rubber cover/protector to shield against impacts and abrasion.
  • Temperature Rating: Can operate with hot water up to 190°F, allowing for versatile cleaning solutions.

With its durable construction and efficient performance, the Turbo 3000 St-357 Nozzle is an excellent choice for professional-grade cleaning tasks.

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