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Nozzle, Turbo 5000 St-457 #4.0

by Suttner
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Nozzle, Turbo 5000 St-457 #4.0

Upgrade your pressure washer with the Turbo 5000 St-457 #4.0 nozzle, a premium replacement part from Windsor Industries designed for optimal performance. This nozzle combines high-pressure capability with precise flow control, ideal for intensive cleaning tasks.

  • Maximum Pressure: 5000 psi, powerful enough for deep cleaning and tough stains.
  • Maximum Flow: 12.0 GPM, ensures efficient cleaning over larger areas.
  • Maximum Temperature: 200 degrees F, suitable for handling various cleaning solutions.
  • Inlet: 1/4" FPT, standardized for easy integration with existing equipment.

Whether you're dealing with stubborn dirt or needing a reliable tool for regular maintenance, the St-457 #4.0 nozzle offers durability and efficiency for your cleaning needs.

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