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Nozzle, Turbo 5000 St-457 #7.0

by Suttner
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Nozzle, Turbo 5000 St-457 #7.0

Enhance your cleaning efficiency with the Suttner ST-457 Turbo Nozzle, specifically designed for robust high-pressure cleaning. With a 7.0 nozzle size and the ability to handle up to 6000 PSI, this tool is perfect for tackling challenging tasks like removing graffiti from concrete or cleaning heavy equipment caked with mud.

  • Nozzle Size: 7.0, optimized for superior cleaning performance.
  • Maximum Pressure: 6000 PSI, powerful enough to tackle the most stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Inlet: 1/4" FPT, compatible with a wide range of pressure washing equipment.
  • Maximum Temperature: 190° F, suitable for use in various environmental conditions.
  • Material: Forged brass, ensures longevity and durability under harsh usage conditions.
  • The 0° rotation provides a concentrated cleaning effect, ideal for precise and effective dirt removal.

Equipped with a precision ceramic orifice and safeguarded by a rubber cover, the ST-457 #7.0 nozzle is engineered for long-lasting performance and reliability in demanding cleaning scenarios.

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