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Professional PA Foamer LS12 with Down Stream Soap Injector up to 2.GPM, 3200 PSI

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Professional PA Foamer LS12 with Down Stream Soap Injector up to 2.6 GPM, 3200 PSI

Introducing the Professional PA LS12 Foaming Nozzle with a downstream soap injector, designed for machines with up to 2.6 GPM flow rate. This setup simplifies your cleaning process by integrating the soap injector directly with the discharge of your machine.

This foamer is perfect for professionals seeking efficiency and effectiveness. With no need to attach a separate bottle of soap, the soap line connects directly to the machine, picking up soap through the provided pickup hose. This method ensures a streamlined and hassle-free operation.

  • Downstream injector simplifies the soap application process, eliminating the need for a separate soap bottle.
  • Includes a soap injector complete with a pickup hose, filter, and quick couplers for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Soap flow can be precisely adjusted at the injector to suit various cleaning needs.
  • Designed for use with machines up to 2.6 GPM and 3200 PSI, offering flexibility across a range of equipment.

Upgrade your cleaning tools with the Professional PA LS12 Foamer, combining robust design with user-friendly functionality for superior cleaning performance.

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