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Replaces 9.802-603.0 Valve Kit Fits Hotsy / Landa / Karcher / Legacy 70-260007

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9.802-603.0 Pump Valve Kit - Fits Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, Legacy (Replaces 70-260007, 98026030)

This Pressure Washer Pump Valve Kit contains 6 valves (3 inlet check valves and 3 discharge valves), necessary for rebuilding most pressure washer pumps. Compatible with various models from Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, and Legacy, this kit ensures efficient pump performance by replacing worn or damaged valves.


  • Hotsy: HS335R, HS3040G, HS3540G, HS4040G, HS5030G
  • Landa: LM-3540, LM-4030, LM-4035, LM-4035H, LM-5030, LT-4035, LT-4040, LT-5030, LT-5030H, LT-6035, LS-3040G, LS-3540G, LS-4040G, LS-5030G
  • Karcher: KM3540, KM3540.2, KM3540.3, KM4030, KM4030.2, KM4030.3, KM4035, KM4035.2, KM4035.3, KM4035H, KM5030, KM5030.2, KM5030.3, KM6035.2, KM6035.3, KT4035, KT4035.1, KT4040, KT4040.1, KT5030, KT5030H, KT5030.1, KT6035, KT6035.1, KS3040, KS3040.1, KS3540, KS3540.1, KS4040, KS4040.1, KS5030, KS5030.1
  • Legacy: GM3540.2, GM3540.3, GM4030.2, GM4030.3, GM4035.2, GM4035.3, GM5030.2, GM5030.3, GM6035.2, GS3040G.2, GS3040G.3, GS3540G.2, GS3540G.3, GS4040G.2, GS4040G.3, GS5030G.2, GS5030G.3, GT5635.1

High-pressure pump inlet and discharge valves can be damaged by pump cavitation, causing low pressure issues. Dirty or stuck valves can also lead to low pressure and rough operation. Replacing the inlet and discharge valves found in the pump head can resolve these issues and restore optimal pump performance.

Replaces Part Numbers: 70-260007, 98026030

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