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Replaces Ceramic Plunger 8.717-617.0, 8.751-238.0, Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

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Replaces Ceramic Plunger 8.717-617.0, 8.751-238.0, Hotsy/Landa/Karcher/Legacy

Upgrade your pressure washer with our high-quality Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit. Designed specifically for a variety of Hotsy, Landa, Karcher, and Legacy pump models, this kit ensures efficient and reliable performance.

This 20mm Ceramic Plunger Sleeve Kit is essential for maintaining peak operational efficiency. It includes one (1) 20mm ceramic piston. To replace all ceramic pistons in your equipment, please purchase three (3) plungers.

Compatible with:

  • Part Number: 8.717-617.0
  • Part Number: 8.751-238.0
  • Cross Reference Part Numbers: 70-260802, 87176170, 87512380, 877656

For use in Hotsy Pump Models:

  • H300, H300A, H300R, H400, H400A, H400R, HC215, HC235, HC240, HC280, HC450, HC450A, HC450R, HC460AL, HC460AR, HC460L, HC460R, HC500, HC500A, HC500R, HHC300AR, HHC500AR, HH306R.2, HH406R.2, HH456R.2, HH466R.2, HH506R.2

For use in Karcher Pump Models:

  • KM4030.2, KM4030.3, KM5030.2, KM5030.3

For use with Landa Pump Models:

  • LM4030, LM5030

For use with Legacy Pump Models:

  • GM4030.3

Equip your pressure washer with this durable ceramic plunger to enhance performance and extend the life of your equipment.

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