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Replaces Karcher 8.725-362.0 20 mm U-Seal Kit Fits Karcher, Hotsy, Landa

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Replaces Karcher 8.725-362.0 20 mm U-Seal Kit Fits Karcher, Hotsy, Landa, Legacy

Upgrade your pressure washer's efficiency with our replacement 20 mm U-Seal Kit, compatible with Karcher, Hotsy, Landa, and Legacy pumps. Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of high-pressure environments, this kit includes advanced U-Seal technology for enhanced durability.

This comprehensive kit is rated for 185°F and services three (3) cylinders. It includes:

  • 3 high-pressure U-Seals
  • 3 low-pressure U-Seals
  • 3 Teflon support rings
  • 6 seal support backing rings
  • 3 O-rings

Note: This kit does not include brass pressure rings or brass intermediate rings. If these components show signs of wear, consider purchasing a complete seal kit for a full replacement.

Compatible Pump Models:

  • Karcher: KM4030.2, KM4030.3, KM5030.2, KM5030.3
  • Landa: LM4030, LM5030
  • Legacy: GM4030.2, GM4030.3, GM5030.2
  • Hotsy: H300, H300A, H300R, H400, H400A, H400R, HC165, HC165R, HC215, HC235, HC240, HC280, HC450, HC450A, HC450R, HC460AL, HC460AR, HC460L, HC460R, HC500, HC500A, HC500R, HH306R.2, HH406R.2, HH456R.2, HH466R.2, HH506R.2, HHC300AR, HHC500AR

Ensure your pressure washer operates at peak efficiency with this durable, high-performance U-Seal Kit.

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