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Suttner Sewer Cleaner Foot Valve: 3000 PSI

by Suttner
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Suttner Sewer Cleaner Foot Valve: 3000 PSI

Optimize your sewer and tube cleaning tasks with the Suttner Sewer Cleaner Foot Valve. This essential tool enables operators to maintain hands-free control, improving safety and efficiency during use.

  • Designed for hands-free operation to allow both hands to manage the hose during sewer line cleaning.
  • Features a robust brass body construction, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Incorporates a stainless steel internal mechanism for reliable functionality under various conditions.
  • Convenient inlet and outlet sizes with a 3/8" inlet and a 1/4" outlet to accommodate standard hose connections.

Equip your setup with the Suttner Foot Valve and enhance the control and effectiveness of your sewer cleaning operations.

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