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ST36 Sludge Pump 4.5 Pump Remove slurry from car wash Bay/Chemical Spills

by Suttner
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ST36 Sludge Pump 4.5 - Pump Remove Slurry from Car Wash Bay/Chemical Spills

The ST36 Sludge Pump 4.5 is expertly designed to tackle challenging environments such as car wash bays and areas with chemical spills. Its robust construction and powerful performance make it a reliable solution for managing slurry and spills efficiently.

  • Specifically designed to remove slurry from car wash bays and handle chemical spills effectively.
  • Constructed with durable cast iron to withstand harsh conditions and provide long-term service.
  • Optimized for handling high-density fluids with ease, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Choose the ST36 Sludge Pump 4.5 for advanced slurry management in demanding and hazardous locations.

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