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Suttner Injector, Chemical 1.5-2.25gm ST-60 200060600

by Suttner
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Suttner Injector, Chemical 1.5-2.25gm ST-60 200060600

The Suttner 200060600 is a high-performance downstream chemical injector, ideal for precision chemical application in various cleaning tasks. This injector is designed to work effectively under specific pressure and flow conditions to ensure consistent chemical mixing.

  • Utilizes a pressure drop mechanism through a larger orifice spray nozzle to facilitate chemical injection.
  • Supports a maximum pressure of 3600 PSI and a flow rate of 1.5 - 2.25 GPM, tailored for effective chemical delivery.
  • Features a fixed injection rate to provide accurate and consistent chemical dilutions.
  • Constructed with a durable brass housing and equipped with a stainless steel spring and ball for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Connections include a 3/8" MNPT inlet and 3/8" FNPT outlet for straightforward setup.
  • Chemical connection is facilitated via a hose barb for easy and secure attachment.
  • Designed to operate efficiently with a siphon rate of approximately 10:1, optimizing chemical usage.
  • The injector's operating temperature capacity reaches up to 140°F, suitable for various cleaning environments.

Opt for the Suttner 200060600 chemical injector for reliable and precise chemical application in your pressure washing operations.

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