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Suttner ST-330 Adjustable Nozzle Holder

by Suttner
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Suttner ST-330 Adjustable Nozzle Holder

Simplify your cleaning tasks with the Suttner ST-330 Adjustable Nozzle Holder, designed to enhance flexibility and reach during pressure washing. This nozzle holder allows for effortless adjustments, making it easier to clean under vehicles and in other hard-to-reach areas.

  • Features an easy-to-pivot design, enabling quick angle adjustments for the rinse nozzle at the end of your lance.
  • Pressure-lock mechanism securely holds the nozzle in place during use, ensuring stable and precise cleaning.
  • Ideal for reaching difficult spots and maximizing the effectiveness of your cleaning process without additional hassle.

Equip your pressure washing setup with the Suttner ST-330 for improved versatility and efficiency in your cleaning routine.

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