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Suttner ST-62 Injector

by Suttner
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Suttner ST-62 Injector

Optimize your cleaning process with the Suttner ST-62 Injector, a critical component designed to enhance the delivery of detergents in pressure washing systems. This device expertly adjusts water flow to create a vacuum effect for efficient detergent siphoning.

  • Allows precise adjustment of water flow from the pressure pump, optimizing detergent injection into the stream.
  • Creates a restriction that generates a vacuum, enabling detergent to be drawn efficiently through the hose barb when using a large orifice nozzle.
  • Features a siphon rate of approximately 10:1, making it highly effective for mixing detergents with water.
  • Constructed with durable forged brass housing and a stainless steel spring and ball for long-lasting reliability and performance.

The Suttner ST-62 Injector is the perfect addition to your cleaning setup, ensuring thorough mixing and efficient use of detergents for optimal cleaning results.

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