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Suttner ST73 Foamer 32 ounce 5.2 GPM Stainless Steel

by Suttner
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Suttner ST73 Foamer 32 ounce 5.2 GPM Stainless Steel

Experience enhanced cleaning efficiency with the Suttner ST73 Foamer. This 32 oz. stainless steel foamer combines durability with performance, capable of delivering a 5.2 GPM flow rate at up to 3625 PSI.

  • Designed to reduce chemical usage by up to 50%, making it a more economical and environmentally friendly choice for cleaning tasks.
  • Operates efficiently with a flow rate of 5.2 gallons per minute, allowing for quick and effective foam application.
  • Constructed from stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion, even with regular exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • The non-corrosive injector enhances longevity and maintains consistent performance in various cleaning environments.

The Suttner ST73 Foamer is ideal for professionals seeking a powerful, efficient, and sustainable solution for their cleaning needs.

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